Dr. Maria Assunta Cuffaro

Dr. Maria Assunta Cuffaro


Dr. Maria Assunta Cuffaro,

Clinical Psychopedagogist and Clinical Canadian Counsellor Certified and Registered with the Canadian Counseling and Psychotherapy Association completed her B.A. in High Honors in Psychology, her M.A. and Ph.D.

She holds a certification in management from the Sprott School of Business, Carleton University, Certification and License in Clinical Counselling and Psychotherapy, Certification as Third Party Neutral in Conflict, Certification in Mediation Skills, and Certification in Facilitation for Groups in Conflict.

Dr. Cuffaro has a private practice, and has provided clinical counselling and therapy to children, teens and adults for Health Canada. She has also served as Special Education Professor in New York for many years.

Coupled with years of experience managing large numbers of students, staff and employees over her career in various organizations she brings extensive depth, breath and experience to what she does in her work.

Dr. Cuffaro has taught several graduate courses, provided and supervised the administration of norm-referenced and criterion-referenced assessments which are psycho-educational assessments for hundreds of people with special needs, such as intelligence testing, behavior adaptation testing, and testing for various disabilities and the learning problems associated.

The children being tested ranged in age from 3 to 18 years of age. She has extensive experience on follow-up testing involving scoring the tests, preparing reports, developing and implementing individual education plans, customized curriculum, learning strategies and providing clinical counseling to children and adults with issues related to their special need or disability in regards to learning, social and psychological realities.

The depth of what she has done included in the summer months a summer practicum, one hundred children were served, and approximately 40% of whom had disabilities. Along with the many children served during the semester practicum, the number of children, youth and adults who worked with Dr. Cuffaro are in the thousands.

Dr.Cuffaro has provided learning specialist services for corporate clients in the Government of Canada for a number of years. She has also provided Disability Advisory Services for corporate clients and was the Co-Chair of the Disabilities Awareness Committee that represented extensive numbers of Public Servants in Canada.

She has also worked with many adults within her professional career. Dr. Cuffaro is a noted and well published researcher in many peer reviewed research journals and books in the field of education, disabilities, eating disorders, distorted body image and resiliency. A volunteer in many Canadian and New York Committees which directly benefit students including scholarship committees, literacy committees, promotion of inclusive education for those with special needs to mention a few.

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